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Vieillecroze architecture firm

My Dear Anthony, You asked me what could be the relationship between Architecture, Environment and Art… What a question! 100 pages would not be enough. So here is a too short and modest answer.Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe (Director of the BAUHAUS in 1930) said: “Architecture was born, the day when two bricks were laid one on top of the other with care. » He was undoubtedly right about...

Agency history

1967, René Tardieu, a Tropezian who has now become one of the pillars of a fishing village which is only at the beginning of a meteoric rise, launches an assault on real estate. In his brother's commercial premises next to the port pharmacy, he set up the offices of "L'Agence du Port" in the winter, and moved every summer where prices allowed. However, this precedes long years of work...

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