Agency history

1967, René Tardieu, a Tropezian who has now become one of the pillars of a fishing village which is only at the beginning of a meteoric rise, launches an assault on real estate. In his brother’s commercial premises next to the port pharmacy, he set up the offices of “L’Agence du Port” in the winter, and moved every summer where prices allowed. However, this precedes long years of work started very young.

From journalism in Nice Matin, to setting up at the Esquinade, via the creation of the Voile Rouge, the Le Fait-Tout restaurant, then the Hôtel des Lices, not to mention its Chevignon and 103 boutiques, the time has passed, and experience accumulated.

Although he had no problem enjoying his youth, he worked quickly and diligently with values ​​that took on their full meaning in today’s world. Indeed, a few years ago, “BB” settled in Les Canebiers and since then, no one has remained indifferent. Even less real estate prices. International stars, political figures, big fortunes… many pass almost out of necessity in the capital of tourism on the Riviera. As Saint-Tropez takes root as a destination for all kinds of follies, the righteousness and discretion of the agency’s founder will quickly come in handy.

The activity of property builder attracting him in particular, and the transformations of the village with the bell tower with a world reputation being felt, he professionalized himself and launched his company, renamed by his son Patrick, “Tardieu Immobilier”. He then bought as offices what is now the synagogue. Then very quickly, the desire for new experiences and the attraction of foreigners imposed travel, whether for shopping malls in the United States and the Dominican Republic, or a residential building in Ivory Coast.

If his lively mind, his particularly rigorous working method, and his sense of commitment are at the origin of a success that has become a family, he was also lucky enough to meet on his way Odette Scagliola, André Thérond, Alex Samama, François Gilis, Lucien Soules and Michel Bizet who will advance with him on many achievements. It is with them that his Saint-Tropez clientele is added to many influential personalities.
Humble and modest, it is all the same the result of his life that gives Tardieu Immobilier its status as an essential reference on the Saint-Tropez peninsula. It is his ability to take the turns of his time, by supporting the agency’s digitalization strategy initiated by his younger brother Antony, which has made it possible to adapt. As you will have understood, it is also and above all a family story, his two sons having taken over the business. Be that as it may, René Tardieu persists in his opinions and advice in what remains his offices today.

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